About Us

Therapeutic Community (TC) is the most effective correctional program for high risk substance using offenders.  Extensive research and publications substantiate our belief, which continues to strengthen with years of personal and professional experience working in the TC setting in correctional institutions.  We are honored to witness personal change in those who appear hopeless to both society and self.  We welcome the challenge of assisting you in developing, expanding, or improving TC in your correctional setting.  We offer our enthusiasm and skills to assist your TC programs.  Make an initial contact with us to explore services tailored to your needs.

IMG_0001wJoe Stommel, M.S.

Mr. Stommel has spent 40 years in the field of community and corrections mental health and substance abuse treatment.  Now retired, for 18 years he was Administrator of Alcohol and Drug Services for the Colorado Department of Corrections.  He has specialized in the development of in-prison therapeutic community (TC) programs and parole transition programs.

Joe has provided extensive training in therapeutic communities, TASC case management programs, and co-occurring disorders.  He has assisted in research and coauthored papers and presentations in these areas.  He is a subject expert in the procurement and administration of contract services and has authored numerous federal grant applications.

TANIA TC PicTania Iveliss Garcia, M.A.

Miss Garcia has a Masters Degree in Arts/Literature which has given her a strong philosophical foundation and a unique perspective into the ‘Human search for life meaning’. She has been a Colorado Certified Addictions Counselor since 1985. She has delivered treatment services in all substance abuse treatment modalities from Detox to Methadone Outpatient to Therapeutic Community. Miss Garcia has nineteen years of experience with the development and practice of therapeutic community for diverse populations within the correctional setting. She has been a teacher and trainer for the Colorado Department of Corrections and the National Coalition Building Institute. Miss Garcia was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Joe and Tania are currently available for selective training efforts in the development of correctional therapeutic community programs and will have the assistance of a number of trusted TC professionals to provide services.

For more information email: trainingtcskills@gmail.com